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Weapon Cases

826 (51.38€)

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# Image Name Amount Price In Total Trend(%)
1Dual Berettas | Colony (Field-Tested)10.030.030
2Chroma 3 Case10.030.030
3Operation Wildfire Case120.030.360
4Shadow Case180.030.540
5Falchion Case2390.037.170
6Gamma Case10.030.030
7Chroma 2 Case1200.033.60
8Revolver Case60.030.180
9Operation Breakout Weapon Case760.032.280
10eSports 2014 Summer Case140.233.220
11eSports 2013 Winter Case550.189.9-5.56
12CS:GO Weapon Case 3210.173.570
13Operation Phoenix Weapon Case800.0540
14Chroma Case910.065.460
15Operation Vanguard Weapon Case920.1211.04-16.67
secutor the second - Inventory Value