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ChiLi-ST Black Pearl/Ak Scar 661


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# Image Name Amount Price In Total Trend(%)
1Revolver Case Key72.4917.43-0.4
2Gamma 2 Case Key22.474.94-2.02
3Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze (Minimal Wear)11.161.16-35.34
4Tec-9 | Army Mesh (Well-Worn)10.030.03-166.67
5G3SG1 | Ventilator (Factory New)
6CS:GO Case Key52.4812.4-0.4
7Winter Offensive Case Key22.464.92-2.03
8Operation Breakout Case Key62.515-1.6
9Chroma 3 Case Key22.484.96-2.02
10Operation Vanguard Case Key32.497.47-0.8
11Operation Wildfire Case Key22.494.98-1.61
12Falchion Case Key12.492.49-0.8
13Glock-18 | Candy Apple (Minimal Wear)10.310.310
14M4A1-S | Master Piece (Minimal Wear)143.3243.32-0.51
15Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore (Field-Tested)12988.42988.40
16Sticker | ESL Wolf (Foil) | Katowice 2014178.3478.346.17
17MAG-7 | Heaven Guard (Factory New)10.120.12-8.33
18AUG | Fleet Flock (Battle-Scarred)
19★ Falchion Knife | Boreal Forest (Battle-Scarred)143.0143.012
20Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore (Factory New)117325173250
21★ StatTrak™ Karambit | Doppler (Factory New) (Black pearl)1485.04485.040
22★ StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet | Doppler (Factory New) (Black pearl)1343.08343.08-0.73
23★ StatTrak™ Bayonet | Doppler (Factory New) (Black pearl)1264.2264.2-2.52
24★ StatTrak™ Flip Knife | Doppler (Factory New) (Black pearl)1168.43168.43-9.44
25★ StatTrak™ Gut Knife | Doppler (Factory New) (Black pearl)1100.44100.44-1.8
26★ StatTrak™ Karambit | Doppler (Factory New) (Sapphire)1485.04485.040
27★ StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet | Doppler (Factory New) (Sapphire)1343.08343.08-0.73
28★ StatTrak™ Bayonet | Doppler (Factory New) (Sapphire)1264.2264.2-2.52
29★ StatTrak™ Flip Knife | Doppler (Factory New) (Sapphire)1168.43168.43-9.44
30★ StatTrak™ Gut Knife | Doppler (Factory New) (Sapphire)1100.44100.44-1.8
31★ StatTrak™ Karambit | Doppler (Factory New) (Ruby)1485.04485.040
32★ StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet | Doppler (Factory New) (Ruby)1343.08343.08-0.73
33★ StatTrak™ Bayonet | Doppler (Factory New) (Ruby)1264.2264.2-2.52
34★ StatTrak™ Flip Knife | Doppler (Factory New) (Ruby)1168.43168.43-9.44
35★ StatTrak™ Gut Knife | Doppler (Factory New) (Ruby)1100.44100.44-1.8
36★ StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web (Factory New)19421.089421.080
37★ StatTrak™ Karambit | Night (Factory New)1500.23500.230
38★ StatTrak™ Karambit | Marble Fade (Factory New)1644.7644.70
39★ StatTrak™ Karambit | Fade (Factory New)1701.34701.340
40★ StatTrak™ Butterfly Knife | Slaughter (Factory New)1248.76248.76-14.5
41Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore (Field-Tested)12988.42988.40
42Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore (Field-Tested)12988.42988.40
43Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore (Field-Tested)12988.42988.40
44AWP | Dragon Lore (Factory New)12072.732072.730
45AWP | Medusa (Factory New)11703.061703.060
46StatTrak™ M4A1-S | Mecha Industries (Factory New)1163.61163.61-6.07
47StatTrak™ M4A1-S | Chantico's Fire (Factory New)1344.59344.59100
48StatTrak™ M4A1-S | Hyper Beast (Factory New)1162.28162.28-5.91
49Souvenir M4A1-S | Master Piece (Field-Tested)1270.34270.34-4.78
50Souvenir M4A1-S | Master Piece (Field-Tested)1270.34270.34-4.78
51StatTrak™ M4A1-S | Golden Coil (Factory New)1142.77142.77-0.93
52Souvenir M4A1-S | Knight (Factory New)1513.71513.710
53M4A1-S | Hot Rod (Factory New)190.890.84.63
54M4A1-S | Icarus Fell (Factory New)160.7660.760.54
55M4A1-S | Knight (Factory New)1287.49287.49-10.68
56StatTrak™ M4A4 | Howl (Factory New)12992.062992.060
57M4A4 | Modern Hunter (Factory New)1107.61107.61-3.79
58M4A4 | Poseidon (Factory New)1230.87230.877.59
59StatTrak™ M4A4 | Asiimov (Field-Tested)1204.71204.713.51
60StatTrak™ AK-47 | Fire Serpent (Factory New)13492.713492.710
61StatTrak™ AK-47 | Vulcan (Factory New)1342.75342.754.39
62StatTrak™ AK-47 | Aquamarine Revenge (Factory New)1127.16127.16-1.68
63StatTrak™ AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)123.7623.761.35
64Souvenir FAMAS | Styx (Factory New)121.4721.473.07
65StatTrak™ SG 553 | Tiger Moth (Factory New)115.6815.688.8
66StatTrak™ G3SG1 | Flux (Factory New)124.624.6-11.46
67StatTrak™ SCAR-20 | Cardiac (Factory New)136.5836.5812.11
68AUG | Akihabara Accept (Factory New)1567.83567.830
69StatTrak™ Galil AR | Chatterbox (Field-Tested)172.172.1-17.32
70StatTrak™ SSG 08 | Blood in the Water (Factory New)1156.88156.88-6.28
71StatTrak™ Sawed-Off | The Kraken (Factory New)133.3533.354.41
72StatTrak™ Negev | Loudmouth (Minimal Wear)1000
73StatTrak™ M249 | Nebula Crusader (Factory New)15.365.360
74MAG-7 | Bulldozer (Factory New)136.4236.424.86
75StatTrak™ XM1014 | Tranquility (Factory New)127.2127.21-0.99
76StatTrak™ Nova | Antique (Factory New)111.8611.861.69
77StatTrak™ MP9 | Rose Iron (Factory New)15.225.22-0.77
78StatTrak™ UMP-45 | Primal Saber (Factory New)159.959.9-0.33
79MAC-10 | Fade (Factory New)12.662.66-1.13
80StatTrak™ PP-Bizon | Antique (Factory New)
81StatTrak™ MAC-10 | Neon Rider (Factory New)118.4318.430.27
82StatTrak™ P90 | Asiimov (Factory New)1104.23104.2314.45
83StatTrak™ MP7 | Nemesis (Factory New)116.5216.52-7.45
84StatTrak™ CZ75-Auto | Crimson Web (Factory New)155.7855.780.7
85P250 | Nuclear Threat (Factory New)1333.58333.5814.82
86StatTrak™ Dual Berettas | Marina (Factory New)121.2521.250
87Tec-9 | Nuclear Threat (Factory New)1345.15345.1515.67
88StatTrak™ USP-S | Kill Confirmed (Factory New)1354.67354.6710.49
89StatTrak™ Five-SeveN | Case Hardened (Minimal Wear)122.2422.243.28
90Glock-18 | Fade (Factory New)1286.21286.21-0.1
91StatTrak™ P2000 | Fire Elemental (Factory New)183.983.90.81
92StatTrak™ USP-S | Orion (Factory New)154.9154.91-1.6
93StatTrak™ Desert Eagle | Golden Koi (Factory New)192.4692.46-0.43
94StatTrak™ CZ75-Auto | Victoria (Factory New)188.7788.771.71
95Souvenir Tec-9 | Toxic (Factory New)132.3732.3718.54
96StatTrak™ Music Kit | Various Artists, Hotline Miami114.9614.96-0.13
97Music Kit | Feed Me, High Noon17.197.190.97
98Sticker | Crown (Foil)168.8368.83-2.63
99Sticker | Crown (Foil)168.8368.83-2.63
100Sticker | Crown (Foil)168.8368.83-2.63
101Sticker | Crown (Foil)168.8368.83-2.63
102Sticker | Crown (Foil)168.8368.83-2.63
103Sticker | Crown (Foil)168.8368.83-2.63