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2135348.71 kr




263 (452397.05 kr)


378 (993054.33 kr)


1 (72.93 kr)

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# Image Name Amount Price In Total Trend(%)
1AWP | Elite Build (Minimal Wear)159.8959.891.83
2M4A4 | Desolate Space (Field-Tested)194.2694.260.19
3M4A4 | Desolate Space (Field-Tested)194.2694.260.19
4M4A4 | Desolate Space (Field-Tested)194.2694.260.19
5AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
6AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
7AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
8AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
9AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
10AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
11AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
12AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
13AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
14AK-47 | Vulcan (Minimal Wear)1382.87382.874.76
15AK-47 | Vulcan (Minimal Wear)1382.87382.874.76
16AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
17AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
18AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
19AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
20AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
21StatTrak™ AWP | Worm God (Factory New)159.859.83.96
22AK-47 | Fuel Injector (Well-Worn)1249.68249.680.88
23M4A1-S | Hyper Beast (Field-Tested)192.3492.340.49
24StatTrak™ AK-47 | Frontside Misty (Field-Tested)1247.5247.55.93
25M4A4 | Bullet Rain (Minimal Wear)165.9165.91-1.52
26Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon (Factory New)185.3285.321.18
27M4A4 | Asiimov (Battle-Scarred)1140.02140.022.99
28USP-S | Kill Confirmed (Field-Tested)1239.11239.110.69
29M4A4 | 龍王 (Dragon King) (Minimal Wear)155.7955.790
30StatTrak™ AWP | Graphite (Factory New)11315.521315.52-1.87
31StatTrak™ MP9 | Rose Iron (Factory New)155.8855.8810.93
32AK-47 | Frontside Misty (Field-Tested)192.6292.620.1
33AK-47 | Frontside Misty (Field-Tested)192.6292.620.1
34StatTrak™ Glock-18 | Water Elemental (Field-Tested)198.2798.276.12
35StatTrak™ Glock-18 | Water Elemental (Field-Tested)198.2798.276.12
36★ StatTrak™ Falchion Knife | Urban Masked (Battle-Scarred)1441.48441.48-2.93
37Glock-18 | Dragon Tattoo (Factory New)165.4565.454.74
38AK-47 | Redline (Minimal Wear)1209.39209.399.62
39AWP | Asiimov (Battle-Scarred)1210.85210.850.35
40AWP | Man-o'-war (Minimal Wear)192.3492.341.09
41AWP | Man-o'-war (Minimal Wear)192.3492.341.09
42P90 | Asiimov (Minimal Wear)167.8267.82-0.4
43M4A1-S | Cyrex (Field-Tested)169.5569.55-1.7
44M4A1-S | Cyrex (Field-Tested)169.5569.55-1.7
45M4A1-S | Cyrex (Field-Tested)169.5569.55-1.7
46AK-47 | Red Laminate (Field-Tested)175.4875.483.5
47StatTrak™ P2000 | Imperial Dragon (Minimal Wear)182.1382.130.44
48USP-S | Kill Confirmed (Battle-Scarred)1204.83204.835.34
49StatTrak™ USP-S | Caiman (Factory New)1178.22178.22-11
50StatTrak™ AK-47 | Vulcan (Field-Tested)1913.78913.7825
51StatTrak™ AK-47 | Vulcan (Field-Tested)1913.78913.7825
52USP-S | Kill Confirmed (Minimal Wear)1347.41347.4110
53USP-S | Kill Confirmed (Minimal Wear)1347.41347.4110
54StatTrak™ Glock-18 | Water Elemental (Minimal Wear)1154.79154.79-3.36
55StatTrak™ Glock-18 | Water Elemental (Minimal Wear)1154.79154.79-3.36
56StatTrak™ Glock-18 | Water Elemental (Minimal Wear)1154.79154.79-3.36
57AWP | Elite Build (Minimal Wear)159.8959.891.83
58Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption (Factory New)163.7263.722.29
59AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
60StatTrak™ AK-47 | Jaguar (Well-Worn)1376.03376.036.21
61AWP | Hyper Beast (Battle-Scarred)1117.14117.140
62Tec-9 | Fuel Injector (Minimal Wear)136.1936.190
63StatTrak™ USP-S | Kill Confirmed (Battle-Scarred)1560.17560.171.51
64StatTrak™ Five-SeveN | Copper Galaxy (Factory New)178.478.4-3.95
65StatTrak™ Tec-9 | Re-Entry (Factory New)154.2454.244.71
66StatTrak™ AK-47 | Aquamarine Revenge (Factory New)11162.281162.281.03
67AK-47 | Vulcan (Field-Tested)1220.06220.061.12
68M4A4 | Asiimov (Battle-Scarred)1140.02140.022.99
69P250 | Whiteout (Minimal Wear)169.5569.55-1.7
70★ Gut Knife | Night (Well-Worn)1447.32447.320
71Overpass Pin140.240.21.36
72StatTrak™ AUG | Chameleon (Minimal Wear)162.8162.81-2.32
73StatTrak™ P90 | Shapewood (Minimal Wear)178.4978.492.09
74Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon (Minimal Wear)147.4947.491.73
75Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon (Minimal Wear)147.4947.491.73
76M4A1-S | Atomic Alloy (Minimal Wear)145.445.42.01
77AK-47 | Aquamarine Revenge (Battle-Scarred)197.5497.54-0.56
78AWP | Asiimov (Battle-Scarred)1210.85210.850.35
79M4A1-S | Chantico's Fire (Well-Worn)1135.55135.551.41
80M4A1-S | Chantico's Fire (Well-Worn)1135.55135.551.41
81M4A1-S | Chantico's Fire (Well-Worn)1135.55135.551.41
82★ Shadow Daggers | Crimson Web (Field-Tested)1785.7785.78.53
83★ Shadow Daggers | Crimson Web (Field-Tested)1785.7785.78.53
84StatTrak™ Tec-9 | Fuel Injector (Minimal Wear)1170.74170.7415.32
85AK-47 | Vulcan (Minimal Wear)1382.87382.874.76
86Victory Pin147.0447.043.1
87AWP | Asiimov (Battle-Scarred)1210.85210.850.35
88USP-S | Kill Confirmed (Minimal Wear)1347.41347.4110
89★ Falchion Knife | Blue Steel (Field-Tested)1558.44558.444.78
90USP-S | Serum (Factory New)158.5258.525.76
91AWP | Hyper Beast (Field-Tested)1204.65204.651.16
92★ Bowie Knife | Forest DDPAT (Minimal Wear)1635.93635.93-3.37
93AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
94SG 553 | Cyrex (Factory New)164.6364.630.14
95SG 553 | Bulldozer (Minimal Wear)194.0894.087.36
96StatTrak™ AK-47 | Blue Laminate (Field-Tested)1109.85109.855.15
97Glock-18 | Wasteland Rebel (Well-Worn)168.8368.83-5.7
98StatTrak™ M4A1-S | Blood Tiger (Minimal Wear)169.4669.46-0.92
99StatTrak™ M4A1-S | Blood Tiger (Minimal Wear)169.4669.46-0.92
100M4A1-S | Chantico's Fire (Well-Worn)1135.55135.551.41
101AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
102AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)163.6363.630.86
103AK-47 | Frontside Misty (Field-Tested)192.6292.620.1
104P250 | Asiimov (Field-Tested)131.0931.09-0.88
105StatTrak™ Desert Eagle | Conspiracy (Factory New)1133.09133.096.51